What Is A Transmission System Of A Car?

The transmission system is where the power developed by the engine goes through and is controlled and sent to the rest of the components. Leaving the transmission system responsible for the function of all of them.

The transmissions system is a metal case, which contains a series of gears; therefore it is also recognized as a gearbox. Each gear is responsible for making sure that the wheel does not spin at the same speed as the engine. The power or energy mentioned above which is developed by the engine is called Torque. Torque goes through the transmission into an input shaft, which leads to the gears and comes through the output shaft.

The transmission system can be categorized into two, which is the automatic transmission system and the manual transmission system.


Manual Transmission

This is also known as stick-shift, this basically means that the driver uses the stick to change the gears. That is why manual cars consist of a clutch. A clutch disc between the engine and transmission is released by the clutch which is located on the left side of the break, releasing the clutch too slowly can stop the disc prematurely whereas pressing it too quickly can cause the engine to stall.


Automatic Transmission

There are two types of automatic transmissions, a traditional automatic transmission, and a dual-clutch automatic transmission. In automatic cars, the gears can be chosen manually, either with a shift lever or paddles behind the steering wheel. A dual-clutch automatic gearbox shows much greater performance and efficiency and is said to be able to shift gears in milliseconds.

Both Manual transmission automobiles and Automatic transmission automobiles come with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The manual transmission is said to be much less costly than an automatic transmission, and much easier to maintain, but automatic transmission has a big advantage; this being that it is very easy to drive. Therefore if you are a little nervous in handling a vehicle then an automobile with an automatic transmission is the way to go.



The most important component of a transmission system is transmission fluid. This is because it provides many essential functions, these include, lubricating the moving parts, to avoid overheating. It works as a working fluid for the hydraulic system and helps power transmission from the engine to the hydraulic clutch.

Without the transmission oil or gearbox oil, the performance level will be quite low and will lead to many issues in the system. Therefore it is highly recommended to regularly check your transmission fluid if caught on time, then you simply have to refill it with the right fluid. If it is neglected for too long, it will cause severe damages, and you will need to visit an expert closest to you, which should not be a problem as all cities have mechanics you could visit, be it an automatic gearbox specialist Brisbane or Melbourne.

In conclusion, whether it’s an automatic transmission or a manual transmission you decide to go for, it is absolutely essential that you remember to maintain your car and treat it well.