Tips on how to become a professional magician!

Magic is a wonderfully curious and mysterious means of entertainment for many and it’s been that way for a very long period of history. The tales of magic dates back to the days of King Arthur of England when Merlin the wizard impressed countless people with awe-inspiring magical acts. Today, many magic enthusiasts engage in the activity as a hobby and to impress their friends and family. If you are such an individual who is passionate about the art of illusion and are considering taking it up as a profession, this article will provide you with some great information on how you can make your dream come true.

Practice the tricks

Practice makes perfect and this is the most important step for any hobbyist who wants to become a pro magician. Learning dozens of tricks all at once will make it very difficult to perfect all of them in the best way. Start small with two or three tricks you are good at and practice them as much as you can until there’s no one who is better at it than you. If it’s marked cards magic tricks you are best at, start with that and spend as much time as you can practicing with it.


No matter how many tricks you have mastered and how much time you have spent practicing them, if you cannot put on a good show that will entertain the viewers, then all your effort would have been in vain. To be a good magician is to make the act look as real as possible and keep the viewers at the edge of their seats at all times with elements of surprise, suspense and amazement. Be professional when handling the many tools and equipment that you may use for the acts. If you are not great at cards marking  and if it’s necessary for your acts, it’s always better to buy a pack rather than undertake the task by yourself.

Talk to a professional magician

It’s true that one’s success in a career as a magician depends heavily on personal traits such as showmanship, style and passion, however it is always better to gain the advices and instructions from a professional as their experience and maturity in the field is sure to provide you with loads of useful information and opportunities. For instance, they will assists you find good agents to lay a foundation to the career, find great gigs, find suitable locations for practicing and performances etc. In addition to these, you can tell them about your plan for the future and get their professional comments about the feasibility of the plan so that you can feel more comfortable and sure about the decision you’ve made.