Signs that your spouse is cheating on you

Exposure of infidelity in marriage can ultimately break it and cause much distress and hurt. However, it is also not a behaviour that should be encouraged or tolerated. Note whether the following signs of infidelity is present in your spouse and if so, confront them about it.

If your spouse is going through a difficult time personally, then it may be a reason for them to turn to cheating. For example, if they have lost their job, or had some bad news about a death of a loved person or if they suffer from low self-esteem issues. Studies say that when humans feel low about themselves they are more drawn to attention and care they receive from another person. But this would not be an excuse to behave in such a way, so make sure to not blame yourself about it.

If your relationship has been strained recently, it may be a sign that your spouse may be carrying an extramarital affair. There may be frequent fights, you may be criticized continuously, there is no effective communication between both of you, there may not be any time spent between each other being intimate or doing activities that you both like, and both of you may be very negative about everything. If such signs are present, it is not a bad idea to reach out for matrimonial investigations Singapore, which will find out for sure if there is any truth to your doubts.

Infidelity is immoral which is why your partner may seem to be getting distant from their religious faith. You may also see suspicious expenses made by your partner and also secretive behaviour like staying late at work and missing family events or functions. They may take a sudden interest in their appearance; buying new clothes, changing the way they dress and wearing new colognes. They may show less interest in you and the children and when confronted about infidelity they would get too defensive about it. In front of others, they may insult you or complain about you with friends. Such behaviour can also lead to addictions. They may smoke or consume alcohol more than the usual amount.

No spouse will admit to infidelity easy, and if your intuition says they may be cheating, it’s probably right. But it is always best to be sure of your accusation before you make one which can help save a lot of unnecessary distressing fights between you and your partner. Once it is confirmed, whether you decide to forgive and give the marriage another chance or leave it for good is up to you.