Pollution and its Control Measures

Pollution is when harmful substances are put out into the environment. Pollution comes in three types which are air, water and land pollution. These include all sorts or dirt that is introduced into the environment that can be harmful for all living things. Pollutants are the things that cause pollution. These pollutants include solid, liquid and gaseous waste. The amount of pollution in the environment has increased drastically therefore there is an increased need for its control.

Controlling Air Pollution 

Air pollution occurs due to any harmful substances polluting the air. Some examples of air pollutants include different types of dust, harmful chemicals, gasoline, carbon monoxide, pollens, ash and even radioactive rays. These pollutants can come from gas and smoke that are emitted from different factories and as dust from areas that work with wood. Another very harmful substance is the exhaust gas from motor vehicles and the chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) from refrigerators. Smoking can also cause release of pollutants such as nicotine and carbon monoxide. Generally, air pollutants can lead to several respiratory problems in humans. There are many ways in controlling air pollution such as sending out chemicals into the air by using tall chimneys, avoiding the use of harmful substances and replacing it when harmless ones, using different materials to absorb harmful substances from the air.

Controlling Land Pollution

Land pollution occurs due to many reasons such as the wastage that is thrown in the streets and also deforestation. Others include destroying natural habitats and also polluting soil by using chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, petroleum, and acidic products. It can also lead to acid rain. These things affect the living things in the soil and also cause damage to wildlife, food and vegetation. In order to avoid these problems and reduce the harmful effects it is best to replace all these pesticides and insecticides with natural manoeuvre, stop deforestation and use waste disposal methods, for example the waste disposal service in singapore. Using organics things instead of synthetic items would also help immensely.

Controlling Water Pollution

Water pollution occurs when harmful substances are introduced into the water. These occur due to the throwing of waste by people directly into the water, washing of pesticides and insecticides into rivers and streams along with the rain, disposable of waste chemicals from factories and industries and also increased microbial growth. All these lead to destruction of life of the living things in water such as fish, and all water plants due to these harmful effects. It can also lead to diseases in humans due to the use of drinking that water and using it to wash themselves and their clothes and utensils. Therefore in order to avoid these effects polluting the water should be avoided to save the life in the water and controlling should be done by cleaning the water maybe by using chemicals and filtering it before use.

Help Make the World a Better Place

When taking these into consideration and weighing the harmful effects caused, each of us should take care in everything that we do and follow all the methods to control pollution. This is the way we can contribute to the well-being of everyone in this world.