Making the Big Move – Buying a Home Together

You’re preparing to get married and spend the rest of your life with that special someone, and you want to have the perfect home in which to start a family. Well, with the housing market fluctuating and the cost of living being unstable, it’s quite the risk to take if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why it’s important to consider some of these crucial matters as you go about picking a place to raise your future children.

Finances First

What kind of income are you both earning? Do you both have good credit – good enough to get a hefty loan? How do you intend to be splitting costs? Will you have savings on which you can continue to pay the bills while paying off the mortgage? These are all questions that need prompt answers when making such big decisions. You need to be financially secure and stable to buy a house or to obtain bank loans.


Make sure you keep an eye on Real Estate News for several months (if not years) before shopping for a house. You should know about the market trends and keep up to date. Do thorough research so you don’t get taken for a ride by potential sellers. Learn about what you’re getting yourself into, or you might find yourself with buyer’s remorse by the end of it. That is no way to start a life with your partner!

Find an Agent

The best person to help you find a dream home that ticks all the right boxes is a real estate agent. Again, you’ll want to do some research on agencies and agents before you hire them, or you can easily be conned or scammed. A good agent will know all about the neighbourhoods and schools, the market trends, and pertinent property information. They’ll be able to handle all necessary documentation and help you start a new life with your partner.

Account for Furnishing

Are you planning to buy a fully furnished home, or will you be using your own appliances and doing your own interior design? Calculate for the costs of both and make comparisons. Chances are you’ll have a lot of your own furniture, and that shouldn’t go to waste, and a lot of other items will come as wedding presents. Your real estate agent should be able to help you compare these costs and decide on whether a fully furnished house will be worth the expense.

Check out the Neighbourhood

Especially if you’re going to be raising children and living the family movie life, you need to know all about the neighbourhood and neighbours, as well as the nearby schools, medical care, and conveniences. Find out about crime in the area and think about safety. If you’re going to be spending a decade or two in one place, you need to be pretty sure it’s the right place for you and your future family.

These are just a few of the things you’ll want to make note of and see about when you’re thinking about buying your new home together.