How to Make Sure That Employees Remain Protected At a Construction Site?

Are you a supervisor who is handling the employees at a construction site? One of the biggest responsibilities of your job will be to ensure that all the employees are safe at any given point of time. Not ensuring this can even end up in courts for you and the company that you represent. How can you ensure the safety of employees? Is creating awareness alone enough? Let’s take a look at what can be done to make things a little more secure around the site.

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Avoid Any Fire Possibilities and Keep Fencing Right

It will not simply suffice to let your employees know that they need high risk work licenses. Pay attention to the details around you. Have you observed the amount of fatal injuries that take place when there is no proper steady fencing around the site and where the employees are at their jobs? Unless the fencing has been done properly and is holding well it would be best to not let anybody approach that area. If it is not happening soon enough inform your superiors. They will definitely fix it rather than face legalities and pay for healthcare and support afterwards. Fires breaking out in construction sites is also not unheard of at all. This is because there are a lot of electrical and fire-related gear like welding gear and many flammable chemicals and other substances. Make sure that your employees are trained in how to handle these without getting them close to flammable substances, so that fires can be prevented as much as possible. Ensure that there are no leakages and short circuits as well. At the same time ensure that all employees are aware of the exit strategy in the event a fire breaks out.

Make Sure Everyone Wears Protective Clothing and PPE

As an employer you will be required to provide your employees with the right protective clothing and equipment. If an employee has not been given these, they do reserve the right to demand them for the sake of their well-being. For one thing helmets that have the right fit along with goggles or other protective eyewear is mandatory. Gloves should be given for the employees to don when working with toxic and corrosive substances while earmuffs and plugs need to be given in order to ensure that loud noises will not impair their hearing. When working in dusty and highly unpredictable environments it is also important that one is given anti-slip footwear along with clothing that will cover their skin and prevent exposure.

Harnessing and Visibility

Fall harnesses need to be paid special attention to and for employees who are required to have duties atop scaffoldings and the like, the right harnessing can mean the difference between life and death, or a lifelong injury that could debilitate them forever. Ensure that all harnesses are in the right condition and quality and that employees ensure to fix them to an anchorage point as well. If there are a lot of heavy vehicles moving around make sure that the protective clothing given are all in highly visible colours so that people operating the machinery and vehicles can spot them from a mile away reducing the probability of accidents.