How to Refurbish Your Boutique Hotel?

Are you planning on refurbishing your boutique hotel? If that is the case then you will need to think of a plan that would complement your boutique hotel and play to its strengths. Because you are a boutique hotel you will have something that is unique about your establishment and showcasing this in a way that is attractive to the potential guests is what you will have to think of when refurbishing the hotel. There is a lot of choice out there so it would be a bit challenging to think of what would suit the hotel the best and what you will have to avoid. Here are some helpful tips that will come in handy for your refurbishing project.

What Is The Theme Of Your Hotel?

One of the most important components of the refurbishing would be expressing the theme of your hotel clearly and with finesse so that people enjoy it. It should appeal to the people who come into your hotel. Choose a good theme for your boutique villa based on something the establishment genuinely has a connection to. For example, may be the land that the establishment is built on has a rich history or perhaps a revolutionary new recipe was found on the same grounds. Whatever it is that you choose as a theme for your hotel should be unique and powerful at the same time.

Buy the Right Furnishings to Suit the Theme

The next step is buying the right furnishing to suit the theme of your hotel. For example, if you are going to celebrate the heritage of the area you could look for antique like furnishings that need not necessarily be antiques (they will cost you a lot). If you are talking about the sea and the sun, bring in light colours and a feeling of the whole place being airy with more relaxed and opened up furnishings. You can actually get a lot of ideas from many experts today who specialize in the field. If you need any information you can visit Hospitality Furniture Concept’s website – Click Here. With professional help of high quality you will be able to make your boutique villa a place that really makes people feel at home and relaxed.

Suit the Right Colours

It is important to make sure that you pick the correct colours when it comes to the interior and the exterior of the boutique hotel. Choose colours that are welcoming and warm and stay away from anything that is too dark that will make the hotel itself look dark and unpleasant. People come to relax so unless you want them to feel claustrophobic avoid using anything that makes the interior of your hotel look smaller than it is. Open up closed spaces with bright and airy colours like whites, light blues and greens and yellow shades. If a certain area is very small do not place too many things in that area as it will look much cluttered and even smaller. Use dark shades on the floor as it will not be easy to keep a white floor spotless in a hotel.