How to Find a Teaching Job in Australia

Australia is a great country to work as a teacher. The government invests heavily in education, and the school system pays teachers considerably well. Most Australia teachers go through the local university system to get training. However, the country allows overseas trained teachers to work locally as well. If you are interested in working as a teacher in Australia, here are several tips on how to find a well-paying job:

Use a Recruitment Agency

Almost all Australian teachers find positions via recruitment agencies. Some do apply directly to job advertisements, such as teacher assistant jobs Brisbane, Sydney, or elsewhere. Overseas teachers can use a recruitment agency either before or after arriving in the country. It’s recommended to use an agency before to make sure you can find a suitable position without undergoing more training. It’s relatively easy to apply to an agency. It can be done online through a quick application system.

Learn about Different Teaching Positions

Each Australian state has different recruitment requirements for teachers. Local agencies know what requirements are needed exactly. In the country, you can find a teaching job on a permanent, temporary, contract (freelancer), or a casual basis in many different types of schools. So the options and opportunities are many. Permanent teaching jobs are full time and require significant qualifications, experience, and commitment. Contract teaching positions are short-term and could last anytime between a weeks to a full term. Casual teaching positions are for teachers who want to fill immediate vacancies on a daily basis, such as when the full-time teacher gets sick. It will be up to you to decide what type of position suits your needs the best.

Understand What Teachers are Hired for

The recruitment process in Australia can also vary depending on what level you are teaching, whether pre-primary, primary school, or secondary school. In Australia, some teaching positions require a specialisation, while others will demand that you tackle a number of subjects. For example, if you want to teach math to 9th graders, then you will need solid background in the subject. On the other hand, if you can teach math to 3rd graders, you may also need to handle several other subjects in the STEM field as well. Some schools need specialist teachers for gifted, remedial, or special classrooms. The more you know about teaching positions in Australia, the more likely you will have of getting hired.

Find out about Positions in Demand

Most overseas teachers are hired for teaching positions that are greatly in demand. Your chances of getting hired are high if the positions are in high demand or do not have properly qualified local candidates to fill. To find out which positions are in demand, go to the official website of the state education department. Generally speaking, Australia’s most populated states, like Victoria and New South Wales, have the highest demand for full-time teachers. General teaching positions may be in demand in rural areas as well, which often struggle to find permanent teachers. Casual teaching positions are most available in urban areas like Sydney and Melbourne.

If you familiarise yourself with the local teaching needs and qualifications, then you will be able to find a good teaching job in Australia.