Essentials for the Newlyweds’ First Home

You’re finally getting married and you’re going to have a home of your own. It doesn’t matter whether you have simple tastes, or want to own the most extravagant, ornate home you can think of. The fact is that you will need to equip your new dwellings with essentials for you and your significant other.

The Bedroom

One thing you want to get right starts in the bedroom. That’s right, you need to have a good bed! It’s hard to find a bed that both of you are happy with. One of you prefers a soft mattress, the other wants a more rigid one. Well, luckily there are new innovations like memory foam and mattresses which mold themselves to your body. This will ensure a good night’s sleep for both of you every time. Make sure you also have a good set of blinds to keep the nosy neighbours out of your newlywed bedroom!

The Kitchen

Whether or not you’re much of a chef, the kitchen should be well equipped with everything you need for a home-cooked meal. Even if you’re going to be ordering out most of the time, you never know when you’re going to need to go “full on adult”. You might have to entertain guests with a dinner party and show off your cooking skills. Sure, you’ll probably hire someone for it, but they’re still going to need your kitchen to be well stocked and fully equipped. It’s always good to have a set of measuring spoons and cups, a set of knives, and crockery and cutlery for those fancy dinners. Of course, you can register for all these things, and they’ll come to you in the form of wedding presents.

The Living Room

You’ll be entertaining friends and family mostly in the living room, so you should make sure it’s both comfortable and attractive. A soft couch you can melt into will make it a nice spot to get cozy during alone time too. You’ll want to have a coffee table in a central part of the room, with the couches and armchairs surrounding it. Try for a little space – you might need some when you’re playing couples charades on game night. Even if neither of you are book lovers, have a book case against one of the walls, and fill it up with some general purpose books (for kids too). This will come in handy when your old college roommate is staying over and you have to go to work! Add a classy painting or portrait for a bit of flair.

The Bathrooms

The bathroom you share with your spouse should have everything each of you needs, and it’s best to have designated areas for them. You should, however, pay a little attention to the guest bathrooms. Make sure they are stocked with guest towels, soap, toilet paper, and shampoo. It would be handy to have a cabinet with little things like floss, extra toothbrushes, and moisturizer for unexpected sleepovers. These are signs of a good host, and a well-prepared one at that. A medicine cabinet is also a must for the house in general. Try to keep one close by for personal use, and a general one for the guest bathroom.

These few tips and tricks to follow when you’re preparing your new home should make you ready for married life and all it has to throw at you!