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Different Types Of Refrigerators For Your Business And Home

Buying a refrigerator used to be something as simple as going to the shop and just getting something that fell into your budget range and coming home with it. Things have changed now and with the massive growth in technology there are so many different options for you to choose from. Even if it is a refrigerator if you want to buy one that you will be happy with and will be able to make use of as much as possible in your home or your business it is important to know the different types that are available and what each one does. Here is a brief guide on how you can select a refrigerator according to its type.

The Top Freezer Type

If you are looking for something that is economical and very basic the top freezer refrigerator is your go-to option. They are styled very traditionally and will have fewer features than the other more progressive options but they are also much cheaper than the newer options in the market. They will have wide shelves which means that you will be able to stock many things on them but as an adult, you will be required to bend down to get to the refrigerator section of the unit. You will be able to buy these from any reliable seller such as Stuartek and they will also come with a warranty if you buy from the right place.

The Bottom Freezer Type

If you want the refrigerator shelves to be better accessible and also have more visibility the bottom freezer type would be your best bet. The freezer will be placed lower so that as an adult you will have to bend down to get to it but that part of the unit will not be used as much as the other areas anyway. This type of unit will either have one door or two doors that are side by side French style in the refrigeration compartment. The ones with the two side by side doors are actually a bit more expensive than the other version with one door.

The Side By Side Type

If you have a very narrow kitchen in your home, you can benefit quite a bit by using the side by side unit that offers a lot of narrow options when you compare them to other models in the market today. However you have to be aware that because this is created specifically for a narrow space, the shelves may not be wide enough to hold something as large as a pizza box and that would put you at a disadvantage sometimes.

The Built-In Type

If you love having your home look sleek and chic always go for a built-in unit. They are available in a wide range of variations when it comes to the door design and the doors can actually have panels that will match your cabinets perfectly. The downside here is that they are generally small and also expensive than the other options that you have. They will still be smaller than the freestanding models that are commonly found in homes.