5 Quick Tips for Selling Your Property in London

As the most populous city in the United Kingdom, the property market in London is almost never quiet. If you’ve got a property to sell, you’ll definitely get some interest in it, even if it takes you a while to actually get the asking price and take it off the market. For those thinking of selling a property in the city, here are some quick tips to help you along.


  1. Check out the property market

When you look online at other properties for sale, are there lots of others in your area? If there are many houses and apartments for sale near where you’re trying to sell, it could take longer than usual simply because there is more choice for people who are looking to buy. Check to see if the properties are similar to yours, and if not, what makes your property different and desirable?


  1. Decide whether it’s a good time to sell

Sometimes the market is better suited to those who want to buy, such as when the house prices are lower or interest rates are particularly low and people want to get mortgages. Since most people are in a chain, it’s difficult to find a time when the market is good for both selling your property and then buying a new one. If house prices are high, it means you’ll be able to get a decent amount of money for your property.


  1. Choose a good estate agent

Finding a good Islington estate agent can be a challenge, but you should look for one who is knowledgeable about the particular area where you’re trying to sell a property. A good local estate agent will be able to tell you what similar properties are selling for in the area, and they will also be able to advise you about what you can do to make it easier to sell your property.


  1. Do you want a quick sale or a good deal?

If you’re trying to get your property sold fairly quickly, you can tell the estate agent that you want to put it on the market slightly below the valuation amount. You can tell viewers that you’re trying to get a quick sale so that it doesn’t seem suspicious that the property is advertised at a lower price than usual. If you want to get the maximum amount of money possible for your property, you often need the flexibility to wait for the right buyer. This could mean holding off on finding a new property or risking losing a house or apartment you really want.


  1. Advertise it yourself

As well as having your property advertised through an estate agent, you can promote your property by listing it on eBay, Gumtree or posting on social media websites such as Facebook. If you’re not sure what to write, simply post the link to your estate agent’s listing!